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1000W Double-Ended, Adjust-A-Wing Grow Light Combo: $229.95

This is the ultimate lighting system for maximum yield, low-ceiling environments. Unlike Gavitas and other commercial-open Double-Ended (DE) lights which require minimum 10-12'ceiling height, our Adjust-A-Wing lets you run in 8-10' ceilings and grow a larger canopy. 


Compared to 1000W single-ended (SE), you should achieve 20-30% increase in yields with double ended grow lights. So if you're thinking about swapping out some Raptors for DEs, but concerned with 8' ceilings, this is the setup for you.


The Sunlight SunSystem DE ballast is no frills, but converts 120V or 240V (auto-switching) wall power to strike 1000W HPS or MH DE lamps. There is no dimmer, but you have a separate Veg area so why dim your flower room? You don't need a fancy Digital Ballast Timer for $50-400, just a simple mechanical timer will suffice. It's from Sunlight. Great design, warranty, support. They are #1 for a reason.

We throw in a DE HPS lamp in this package too. Great package price. Plug and play.

In store only. While supplies last.

* Adjust-a-Wing Double-Ended DE Grow Light Fixture
* Sunlight SunSystems Hard Core 1000W DE Remote Ballast
* 1000W DE HPS Lamp