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We know, a lot of people shop on Amazon or Ebay and expect a better deal than bricks & mortar can provide. Before we ran a bricks & mortar operation, we thought that too. But times have changed and we are crushing the online guys on virtually everything. It took a while before we acquiesced to offer a multicolored LED package, but this is a high quality Sunlight brand LED averaging 450 watts of power with 13 dimmable/programmable colors of LED diodes capable of 720 watts. We won't claim this is 1,000,000 watts HPS equivalent (most LED slingers are guilty of false advertising), but it will light the 4x3 tent very well. It will last a long time, no lamps to replace, and you won't need an exhaust fan or air conditioner. 


Echoing what the manufacturer says about this light: AgroLED® has many advantages over traditional light sources including lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, improved physical robustness, smaller size and faster switching. Ideal for all phases of plant growth! AgroLED® grow light models can be customized to emit only specific wavelengths of light for plant growth and flowering. Outdoor conditions are mimicked with varying color, temperatures and spectral outputs. Red light is an important factor for photosynthesis, flowering and fruiting. This red spectrum promotes plant growth, flowering and fruit fulfillment. Blue spectrum light triggers a greater vegetative response in plants. 720 Watts of LED diodes driven at 600 milliampere to consume 450 watts of power. Durable aluminum housing, heat sinking and active cooling all ensure proper thermal management for longevity of LED’s. Two channel control for independent veg and flower cycle or combine both channels for plant growth from start to finish. Includes industry first 7 ft Convertible Smart Volt™ Power Cord featuring, 120 and 240 volt plugs.

Best of all, Amazon will pitch you something similar, lesser quality, for $50 more. So not only do you get to support your local dealer, but we support you too. Guidance on everything from setup to nutrients and soil, etc. Plus if you have a warranty issue, we handle it here and give you an immediate swap. No return shipping costs. Everyone wins. 

* High Quality Sunlight SunHut Grow Tent approx 4ft x 3 ft (52" x 40" x 79" high)
* Premium quality AgroLED 720, 450 watt LED grow light
* 24-hour timer & Ratchet grow light hanger pulley