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315W CMH (LEC) Low Power Package: $399.95

Power-saving indoor grow light combo uses only 315 watts of high-yielding Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) aka Light Emitting Ceramic (LEC) light. CMH lamps produce the closest spectrum to the sun ever created in an artificial light. This ceramic lamp technology has become a strong favorite due to its UV-enhanced potency and highest yield per watt. Your compact, dimmable, CMH light fixture is from Grower's Choice, one of the most innovative lighting companies, and backed with a 3-year warranty.

We pair this 315W 120V/240V light with a high quality Secret Jardin or comparable top brand 3x3 grow tent (40.2" x 40.2" x 79"H) so you can effectively manage lighting blackout cycles and temp/humidity control. We throw in a pair of light hangers and a 120V mechanical timer to complete the package. Just add your plants and (optionally) a small fan for air flow. This package will produce beautiful, frosty flowers all year round with minimal power and heat.

Low Power Indoor Grow Light & Tent only

* Grower's Choice 315W CMH Grow Light Reflector with integrated 120v / 240V ballast

* 40" x 40" (3x3) Grow Tent
* Your Choice of either a 3100K or 4200K CMH Lamp (315 watts)
* 24-Hour mechanical timer

* Ratchet Pulley Light Hangers


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