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JULY SPECIALS (Click to enlarge images)

All Specials Valid til 7/30/21.

Welcome to our Commercial Specials - online edition! Commercial products are always fully discounted, we just run a simple cost+ model to keep lights on, but at times we may run introductory specials or relay supplier blow-outs. These are always to your benefit with exceptionally screaming deals -- read on...

We are making July our Yield-Enhancement month. You're rocking some great flowers but always looking for that next thing to increase quality, weight, and return on investment.

First we are proud to announce our new MAX YIELD Soil blend. This was co-developed with our friends at GreenGro Biologicals and incorporates their Pridelands (Nature's Pride) Veg fertilizer including it's best-in-class organic/CDFA biochar, mycorrhizae, beneficial bacteria inoculants, and dry amendments. It is lightly charge for full grower-control, fast draining for frequent (hopefully automated) feedings, and designed to GROW BIG!

For each cubic yard (CY) of soil, you can fill ~200 2gal pots. At 5% increase in yield, you're making $5,000 addition profit per CY, per 8 weeks.

Totes in stock. Call for truckload pricing and bulk soil deliveries.

Kalix July 2021 Promo 10% OFF already low Commercial Account Pricing

OK so let's blow some shit up. KALIX makes the most comprehensive, cannabis/hemp targeted, clean-running, water soluble nutrients in the business. And you can easily run this with 2 dosers and an acid tank at 2-4 cents per gallon for your base NPK. Ask about our nutrient program calculator tool. Or define your own recipe. You won't find a better platform for an experienced grower to devise a custom, top-producing regimen.

KALIX gives the grower the option to use

a) Pre-developed A/B formulas for Veg, Bloom, and Mothers (makes faster/stronger clones)

b) Pre-blended 30-10-10, 20-20-20, 6-30-30 and 0-50-30

c) A la carte nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium

d) Calcium Nitrate, Mag Sulfate, Cal-Mag, Potassium Silicate

e) Silica, Kelp, Molasses, Fulvics, Humics

f) Enzymes, Amino Acids, micronized mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial bacteria

g) Any combination above

As a Class-D distributor, our commercial pricing is already better than manufacturer-direct. Now, for July, save an additional 10% on everything from Kalix @ GrowBIG.

OK so you have everything running just the way you like. What if you could just tweak one small thing and increase your yield by 3-5%? What if it increased your harvest quality and weight by 20%?! That's something we see regularly when growers start integrating fulvics and humics into their nutrient regimen. You can also add these to your foliar regimen, 1mL/gal kind of stuff with some calmag, silica, kelp, or other goodies when you're killin bad bugs.

Organics Alive has the best humic & fulvic solutions we've tested. Their FPT Humic is a 20% long-chain molecule, centrifugally concentrated, and extracted from ancient earth. Add 2-4mL/Gal to your root drench weekly.

The Organic Alive FPF is a 57% concentrated Fulvic derived from fermented organic (non-GMO) grain. As such, FPF contains small molecule composition acids, amino acids, humic acid, minerals and enzymes. It penetrates not just the leaf or root surface, but it's small size takes its payload right to the mitochondria (lung) of the cell.

  • FPF is organic and non-toxic.

  • Dissolves silica and magnifies the many benefits of this element.

  • Responsible for an increase in stomata opening and transpiration and assists plant respiration as well as improving the respiration of beneficial microorganisms.

  • Directly influences numerous enzymatic processes and stimulates the plant's immune system.

  • Beneficial for plant RNA & DNA.

  • Increase the activity of multiple enzymes.

  • Aid chlorophyll synthesis.

  • Enhances terpene profile and increase brix.

  • Increase crop yields.

  • Buffer soil pH.

  • Synthesize new minerals.

  • Stimulate plant metabolism.

  • Decompose silica to release essential mineral nutrients.

  • Detoxify various pollutants (pesticides, herbicides, etc.)

    Get some FPT and FPF on July specials, Grow BIG!

Organics Alive Fulvics & Humics Special
GrowBIG or go home

And if you think any of this is just marketing hyperbole, we really do Grow BIG. Lia's holding a 2lb peach. Chris has a granny smith apple that's bigger than a softball. Radishes the size of your hand, cherries almost as large as plums. We grow and test a lot of things at our own ranch and exchange best practices with a lot of farms.


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Hurry in to take advantage of our July Specials and maximize your harvests.

GrowBIG Commercial Delivers!
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