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Specials Valid til 5/31/21.

Welcome to our Commercial Specials - online edition! Commercial products are always fully discounted, we just run a simple cost+ model to keep lights on, but at times we may run introductory specials or relay supplier blow-outs. These are always to your benefit with exceptionally screaming deals -- read on...

We are pleased to introduce NoFly WP to the California marketplace! Blacksmith BIosciences is known for their Armory and other bio-pesticides but the NoFly has only been approved by CA DPR recently (50th State to approve it). This mycoinsecticide is incredibly effective against all types of sucking insects, particularly in controlled environment horticulture. It is shelf-stable up to 6 months at room temperature, no refrigeration required. And unlike PFR, the NoFly is easy to mix and safer to apply. 

This product is on INTRO SPECIAL for the month of May. 2lb bag only $199.98 in store. Hurry, while supplies last.

NoFly Intro Special May 2021 @ GrowBIGog
Botano BHB Fungicide May 2021 Special _

Speaking of IPM tools, we are proud to have found and brought BotanoHealth BH-B from Israel to the US West Coast market. This fungicide has undergone extensive testing for botrytis and powdery mildew control in a variety of crops including strawberries, blueberries, grapes / vineyards, lettuce, endives, and cannabis. Our growers are literally jumping up and down over how well this product works!!! Spraying in weeks 2/4 or 3/5 of flower seems to have a near 100% control for botrytis prevention. It is safe to spray up to date of harvest, and is OMRI Organic listed.

We just received fresh shipments in from Israel and are offering at a special May price of only $79.57 for 5 liters (compare on Amazon at $174.99!) and $152.77 for a 10 liter size.

Hurry, while supplies last and only for the month of May.

Organics Alive is well regarded as a best-in-class organic plant fertilizer and vermiculture (worm farming) operation. Truly exceptional products. They are less well known for their humics and fulvics, but theirs are the most concentrated (20% and 56%, respectively) that we've seen. Plus the grain-derived nature of the Fulvics in their FPF adds special benefits that can't be replicated with humic/soil-derived fulvics.

There has never been a better time to try switching over to OA for humics and fulvics than now during our May specials. 1 gallon of 20% humic concentrate only $121.77 (makes up to 1,892 gallons mixed) and only $63.77 for their fulvic (makes 3,785 gallons).

Organics Alive FPT FPF Humic & Fulvic Ma
GrowBIG Commercial Grade Trellis rolls @

Our trellis is fully restocked across-the-board from 4 ft to 10 ft x 3,280 foot rolls (1000 meters). GrowBIG trellis is commercial grade, white, and extra strong/durable.


Note that our 6 ft trellis is approx 70", vs typical 2 meter (79") size which is available in our biodegradeable line.


Clients order from us from all over California, our prices can't be beat.

Did you know that Roots Organics makes a compressed peat-perlite bale? Like Sunshine #4 or ProMix HP, Procision Classic is a 3.8cf bale that decompresses to 7cf. One pallet of 30 = 210 cf = 7.8 cubic yards per pallet. Our April special is $836.10/PLT which is $27.87 per bale or $107.50/CY.


Most importantly, the quality & consistency of the medium, with zero heavy metals, and fluffy root zone aeration produces spectacular, repeatable results.

Hit us up for Truckload pricing. 17-18 pallets, direct to your farm from Canada's best peat source!

Roots Organics Procision Special thru Ap
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