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Grower's Choice LED Grow Lights

Grower's Choice is the #1 brand for professional grow lights due to their range of options and unmatched price-performance. These lights are completely unlike those red-blue gimmicks tripping over themselves with false marketing claims. Plants evolved to grow optimally under the Sun and that's what the best LEDs strive to imitate. Always Fan-less because fans will eventually fail, especially in damp/humid environments, and we don't want anyone going home with a time bomb. It's also nice that they run silently, and are easily adaptable to any power source 120V/240V/277V by simply swapping the waterproof M25 plug dongle.


Our advice when choosing an optimal grow light for your environment is to look at the watts, the micromoles, and the light footprint.


Leading off with the Grower's Choice ROI-e720, this is the highest-power LED grow light that we have come across. 720 actual watts, 2100 micromole (μmol/sec). Can be over-driven to 800 watts with a Growers Choice controller (2300 μmol/s). Measures 47.75" square and only 2" high. Each light covers a 5x5 (25 square feet). Keep this light at least 24" above your canopy when operating at 100% intensity. Optional UVR Bars make this platform truly bad-ass for producing highest weight and potency.


The ROI-e680 is also a high-power LED grow light. 680 actual watts, 1800 micromole, considerably brighter and higher yielding than similar high-quality options such as the Gavita 1700e (645W / 1700 μmol) or Fluence SPYDR 2i 47” (630W / 1700 μmol) or the 6-bar LUXX 645 (645W / 1200 μmol). The ROI-e680 measures 41.75" square and lights up to a 4.5x4.5 but a 4x4 is perfect. The fixture is a big $ SAVINGS compared to the others in its class. Can run this closer, 6-12" from canopy top. Most clients are reporting 1.5-2lbs/turn in a grow tent.

The ROI-e420 is a nice entry-level LED grow light for a 3.5x3.5 or 4x4 tent. 420 actual watts, 1100 micromole (μmol/sec). Measures just under 36" square. Lights a 40"x40" and can run 6-12" from canopy. Also this is dimmable like the 720's in 25% increments (25/50/75/100% preset dial stops), making it suitable for veg (25%-50%) as well as high quality, high-density flower applications.

The latest, Gen-3 product from Grower's Choice is the ROI-e200 for Veg. Producing 5000 kelvin spectrum with 500 μmol/sec and only 200 watts, this light produces even coverage with perfect spectrum for Moms and teens. With a fixture measuring 23" x 43" and 120 degree beam angle, this light footprint is approximately 3ft x 5ft. It is manually dimmable in 25% increments so can run as low as 50 watts up to 200, and more range with a digital controller. Also, up to four lights can be strung on a single outlet.


All the aforementioned lights are dimmable in 1% increments from a digital controller. We can help outfit you with the right lighting system and controller (including combined climate & lighting controllers) when you stop by our shops.

Last but not least, the Grower's Choice PFS is a 4-pack of LED Clone Lights using a single plug (120V, 240V, or 277V twist-lock) with a 4-bar waterproof power manifold. Each bar lights four, 1020 propagation trays using only 40 watts per tier (replaces a T5 '42' 4-ft, 2-tube fixture at 108 watts).


See our special pricing below. While supplies last, in-store only.

Grower's Choice ROI-e720 only $798.95 at GrowBIGogh
Growers Choice ROI-e680 LED Grow Light only $689.95
Growers Choice ROI-e420 LED Grow Light only $498.95
Growers Choice ROI-e200 LED Grow Light only $298.95
LED Grow Light Growers Choice PFS Series LED Clone Rack Light
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