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Master Pursuit MP-500 CMH Grow Lights

Ceramic Metal Halide, aka CMH, aka LEC, has surpassed LED usage in commercial cultivation operations due to it's nearest-to-sunlight PAR, low cost, low power, and low heat signature.

Grower's Choice has taken CMH to the next level, with their revolutionary (evolutionary) 500 watt lamps and ballasts. While currently GC is the only producer of 500W CMH lamps, their fixtures have a 315W Dim setting and are backwards-compatible with Philips and other 315W CMH / LEC lamps.


These Master Pursuit fixtures are stylish, compact, sealed/waterproof, fan-less (safe & silent), low-profile horizontal, and just plain cool. They include a built-in level, and dual RJ jacks for added amplication & reliability in master-controller setups.

The reflectors enable heat to escape laterally, but channel the photons into your canopy. This eliminates hot-spots and forgives the occasional over-veg without penalty of bleached flower.

We have grower/customers reporting great success running these in 5x5 tents only 6.5' tall, and with four lights in a 10x10 without AC.

GC MP500 375 202008.jpg

* Grower's Choice Master Pursuit 500W CMH Grow Light Reflector with integrated ballast
* Your Choice of 500W CMH Lamp (2000K, 3000K or 4200K

* 8 ft power cord with your choice of waterproof M25 plug (120V, 240V, 277V Twist-Lok, or open-pigtail)


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