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Moisture Loc 1 Quart RTU

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Protect plants against water loss from drought, frost damage, and adverse weather!

Moisture-Loc Anti-Transpirant Spray is an environmentally friendly alternative to pesticides/fungicides, Moisture-Loc stops moisture loss during propagation and shipping. Safe and easy to use, with no danger of phytotoxicity, non-ionic. A dual-purpose clear liquid plant coating that forms a polymer shield around plants; significantly reducing plant stress. Also helps to protect against damage from insects, disease, UV degradation, frost, and windburn. Contains a unique adhesive resin formula that can suffocate and/or glue-down sucking insect pests and mold spores. Also contains two surfactants, a UV inhibitor, and a waterproofing agent for long-life.

Dunk fresh cuttings or spray on rooted cuttings prior to transport.

Also works well as a pesticide sticker. Seals pesticides to the leaf to withstand rains. Great for peach leaf curl!

Application rate varies dependent on plant type and conditions from 1 part Moisture-Loc to 10-20 parts water. 1 gallon concentrate makes 10 to 20 gallons of clone dunk/spray. The quart size is Ready To Use (RTU).

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