PRO Stealth LED Grow Room Package

This system is specially designed for the serious grower that is looking for the ultimate in yield and quality. The high quality, light-proof grow tent is made by Sunlight Systems. It is 4.7' wide and 4.7' deep, 6.5' tall.


Your light is the brightest in the market, a Grower's Choice ROI-E720 LED Grow Light. At 720 watts of actual power, it kicks out an amazing 2,100 umol which is comparable to a Gavita Double-Ended 1000W light. Whereas many other LED makers claim to be 1000W comparable, they benchmark the 1800umol single ended lights of yester-year. The ROI-E720 is the first we know of that matches a Gavita PRO E-Series HPS DE light lumen-for-lumen. But unlike HPS DE that need 3-4 feet of spacing not to burn the canopy, this LED can be within 6-12" of the canopy and that makes it grow-tent compatible. 


This package is capable to produce 2-3 lbs of top-shelf quality, frosty flower -- per turn. You could to that with 1,000 watt HPS DE systems with Air Conditioning and a custom-built room with 10-12ft ceilings, but here you're doing it in a standalone tent that fits in a spare room or garage and sips power with no air conditioner needed.


And for only $1,149.95 at GrowBIGogh. While supplies last. In store only. 

* Sunlight SunHut Grow Tent 4.7' x 4.7' x 6.5'
* Grower's Choice ROI-E720 LED Grow Lights

* Mechanical Timer
* Grow light hangers with ratchet pulleys


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