PRO Stealth LED Grow Room Package

This system is specially designed for the professional grower that is looking for the ultimate in yield and quality. The sturdy, thick, light-proof grow tent is made by Sunlight Systems. It is 10' wide and 10' deep, 6.5' tall. The floor is THICK pond liner material, the zippers are supreme, the frame can hold over two hundred pounds, and access is from all sides.


We pair FOUR Grower's Choice ROI-E680 LED Grow Lights, for a total grow light power of 2,720 watts. These are simultaneously fired on a four-outlet 240V controller. You can add a circulation fan or even Co2, but this grow room is designed to run silently with no exhaust required. 


This combo is capable to produce 4 to 8 lbs of top-shelf quality, frosty flower -- per turn. You could to that with 4,000 watt HPS DE systems with big ACs and exhausts, but here you're doing it in a standalone tent that fits in a spare room or garage and sips power. 


And for only $4,395.95 at GrowBIGogh. While supplies last. In store only. 

* Sunlight SunHut Blackout 630 Grow Tent 10' x 10' x 6.5'
* Four, Grower's Choice ROI-E680 LED Grow Lights, 680 watt @ 240V (only 2.8 amps each)

* Titan Controls Apollo 11, 4-light 240V controller with trigger cord and timer
* Grow light hangers with ratchet pulleys


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