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Rackable, Stackable LED Clone Lights

Retrofit your T5 fluorescent lights with T5 LEDs. Converts 54 watts per tube to 24 watts of cool white Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) with far less thermal radiation (aka, HEAT) output.

For around $20-25/tube, you can save over $500 in power bills PER TUBE! So converting an 8-tube, 4ft T5 to LEDs saves over $2,000 just in power savings over the lifecycle of the light (not to mention they don't need to be replaced every year).

Or, even better, get our Grower's Choice CLONE RACK LED BARS. These output only 40 watts per 4 ft (48") bar, equal lumens to two T5 tubes (replaces 108 watts with 40 watts, per bar). And they're waterproof. And you can run them with 120V power, or 240V, or even 277V. Warrantied for 5 years and designed to run for 10. Fanless, of course. In stock and on sale at GrowBIG...ogh. Hurry, they sell fast.

T5 LEDs at GrowBIGogh 202008.jpg
LED Grow Light Growers Choice PFS Series
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