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Grower's Choice CMH315 SALE

We are proud to stock and offer the best-selling alternative to high-power HPS grow lights in the industry. Better than LEDs, LECs (Light Emitting Ceramic, aka Ceramic Metal Halide or CMH) use a ceramic filament to generate lumens with only 315 watts of power. Many customers will yield over a pound per harvest, comparable to 600 watts of LED yield. Hence this technology is outselling LED in commercial farming applications.

Grower's Choice 315's feature rugged, hard metal reflectors with 98% reflectivity. Their sleek black styling runs fan-less for added reliability and silent operation.

And check out these added features:

* Dimmable

* Digitally Controllable (e.g. Trolmaster)

* Super-Lumens mode (+10%)

* AI Ignition Control with Soft Start Technology

* Auto Timed Re-Strike

* Auto Frequency Adjust eliminates flicker

* Full Circuit Protection

* RF Shielding

* Up to 30% more energy-efficient than similar ballasts, and efficiency doesn't degrade over time.

GC 315CMH 199 202008.jpg

* Grower's Choice CMH315 Grow Light Fixture with 120V-240V Integrated Ballast
* Your choice of lamp not included but wide range of options in stock


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