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Meet The Team

Lia and Chris are avid gardeners with decades of experience. They're always keeping up with the latest advances and testing new products at commercial farms and their own 'CalTica Ranch' featuring stone fruit & citrus orchards, row crops, turf & ornamental, orchids, tropicals, greenhouse and indoor plants. We are proud to represent the products we carry and our team is always happy to answer questions. Stop by and see us.

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Lia McGrowin

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Lia co-founded and heads GrowBIG...ogh retail strategy & execution, accounting, and many other hats.


She began her retail career in Costa Rica, leading point-of-sale strategies for one of the largest retailers in Central/South America.


She's an avid grower/gardener with decades of experience.


She is a propagation expert, teaching advanced techniques for with cuttings, division, and air layering.


Her veggie gardens and giant pumpkins are magazine-worthy.


She supports the Gilroy Gardening Group including the annual Plant Sale for local charities.


She is learning aspects of viticulture and has helped produce several releases of CalTica Ranch wines.

She enjoys the outdoors, travel, and all things growing.


Chris McGrowin

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Chris co-founded and heads GrowBIG Commercial accounts, corporate stuff, and other hats.


His early career started with managing landscapers at a large commercial property, working on apricot farms, and later as a private cultivator and entrepreneur through his college years.

Chris has held executive positions in Fortune 500 companies in additional to several successful startups. He is extremely tech savvy in matters of 5G wireless, cloud computing, AI, renewable energy, digital video & imaging, video security & analytics, semiconductors, embedded software/RTOS, Software Defined Networks, Lasers & LEDs, and more.

After all that insanity, he came back to his roots in 2015 to join Lia and support her startup. Chris is a certified instructor to the University of California Master Gardeners program, a DPR Certified Applicator, and co-manages CalTica Ranch. He regularly consults at farms and hydroponics facilities throughout the US.

He enjoys outdoors, travel, and all things growing.

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