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Privacy Policy

We don't collect any data from customers, unless you provide and submit it.

If there are cookies on this site, we didn't put them there and don't use them unless they are part of the online store code or something that helps you get back to your shopping cart. Really, we don't track what websites you goto and it's not any of our business. We don't harvest anything from cookies, except sometimes we buy them from Girl Scouts and give them to our nice customers.

We don't provide your information to anyone. Well, if we have to address something for UPS or USPS, they would have your provided name and address to make the delivery. But other than obvious stuff like that, we don't share our customers' information to anyone.

Also if you provide your email address and check the box, we will email you when we feel like it, unless/until you click the magic 'unsubscribe' which then will stop any such communications going forward. But we hope you'll like our informative and entertaining content, it's brevity, and appropriate frequency.

This site and GrowBIGogh, Inc can collect, use, and store customer personal information. If any of you visitors are European Union residents, or anywhere outside the USA, we don't do any business internationally even for our friends in Canada. Nothing personal, just a PIA to fill out customs documents and send things the most expensive way when you can find them locally anyway. If you're inside or outside the USA, and you provide personal information to us, we will delete all your data at your request. email us at if you think we have data on you and you want it deleted.

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