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GrowBIG Commercial

GrowBIG Commercial Division is uniquely positioned with 'Big-Ag' products & services but coming from our roots as a hydroponics store. As such, we understand the nuances of growing high-value crops and cultivate our product mix to align with the needs of our growers. From Roots Excelurator, Prop Trays and A-OK sheets to trellis netting, compliant IPM and clean-running nutes to Chikamasas, Twisters & bulk Turkey Bags, we have your back. And compared to a manufacturer-direct channel model, our breadth of products and last-mile service & support delivers superior value to our clients.


We have made 1,000 mile deliveries in a day, driven from Salinas-to-Livermore-to-Salinas on the Friday afternoon of a 4th of July weekend, spot-purchased trucks, delivered a truckload of soil at midnight, and interim-managed farms to take care of our clients' needs. What do you need handled? You won't find a more dedicated and capable supply chain partner. We literally blow through any and all barriers to our clients' success. You're family.

Some of the things you can expect from us:

* Propagation to Post-Harvest equipment, supplies & service/support

* All input materials screened for metals/COA compliance

* Commercial, specialized product mix

* Competitive pricing with lowest overall costs

* Honest, knowledgeable, dependable service

* Unmatched support

Family Owned & Operated-tm
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Some of the things we carry

Places we go

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