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EZ Indoor LED Grow Room Package

This system is specially designed by our pros for an entry-level grow light and tent package. With only 187 watts of LED power, your tent will stay just a few degrees warmer than the outside temps and requires no air conditioning nor elaborate cooling system.


The fixture features eight, 48" (4 foot) T5 LED grow light tubes. The light spectrum is 6500 Kelvin temperature, perfect for clones/teens/peppers/etc. It produces great flower as-is and can be re-lamped to 3000K LED or mix-match for yield optimization. The 22,716 lumens fills the nearly 5ft x 3ft grow tent with massive light distribution.


The light-proof grow tent is a full 6.5 feet tall and fits comfortably in any bedroom. A timer is included which automates your light cycle. Now only $389.95, just add your plants!

EZ Indoor LED Grow Light & Tent Package only 389.95

* High Quality Grow Tent 52" x 34"  x 79" height
* 160 Watt, 120 volt LED Grow Light

* 24-hour timer & Ratchet grow light hanger pulleys

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