EZ Indoor LED Grow Room Package

This system is specially designed by our pros for an entry-level grow light and tent package. With only 160 watts of LED power, your tent will stay just a few degrees warmer than the outside temps and requires no air conditioning nor elaborate cooling system. The light spectrum is 5000 Kelvin temperature and fills the 2ft x 4ft grow tent with an even light distribution.,


The German-Aluminum Air Cooled reflector puts out a uniform, perfectly square light pattern which nicely fills the (approx) 5' x 5' grow tent. The light-proof grow tent is only 6.5 feet tall and fits comfortably in any bedroom. The reflector is powered by a 'next-gen' magnetic ballast supporting 120V/240V and HPS or MH lamp bulbs. Since it's only 600W, we pair a small, quiet 4" fan with it and include high quality ducting, duct reducers, duct clamps, light hangers, and a dual-outlet timer. Plug & Play.

EZ Indoor LED Grow Room Package only $37

* High Quality Grow Tent 4.8 ft x 4.8 ft
* 6" Air Cooled Reflector

* 4" inline ventilation fan with ducting, clamps, and duct reducer adapters.
* 24-hour timer & Ratchet grow light hanger pulleys
* 600W next-gen magnetic ballast, 120V/240V auto-switch, MH/HPS

* Your choice of either metal halide (MH) or high pressure sodium (HPS) bulb