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Gavita-Style 1000W DE Light Combo: $249.95

Very similar to the original Gavita Pro-E Series 1000W, some might say it was made in the same factory (ahem). Your HPS DE light here still includes the dimming dial so you can manually change the lumens without having to rely on a controller.  Dial sets at 600W / 750W / 825W / 1000W / 1150W. Includes Dimmable/Controllable ballast, HR96 reflector, 1000W HPS DE Lamp, NEMA 6-15 240v plug, 3 year warranty

Buy 12+, only $229.95 ea. Call for pricing 100+ and 1000+

1000W HPS DE Grow Light only $249.95, sa

* Open Luminaire HPS/MH DE Grow Light Fixture
* 1000W DE Digital e-Ballast, Dimmable 600W / 750W / 825W/ 1000W / 1150W

* 95% Reflective German Aluminum Reflector

* Compatible with Gavita Master Controllers (+ Trolmaster, etc)

* Compatible with 600W-1000W HPS and MH Lamps

* FCC/ETL Certed, UL Listed

* 120V / 240V Auto-Sense, Auto-Switching

* 3 Year Warranty

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