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Central Coast Green Cleaner (all sizes)

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Central Coast Garden Product's Green Cleaner has been a growers' trusted favorite for pest management throughout the Central Coast and beyond. With similar modes of action to LCPT, Green Cleaner smothers and suffocates sucking insect pests while it's isopropyl alcohol evaporates to desiccate pests and their eggs. Many attest that this is one of the most effective FIFRA 25(b) EPA-exempt pesticides on the market. It's high concentration and low mix rate makes this a very economical tool for all species of mites, thrips, aphids and more.

Shake well before using.
Available in 55 Gallon, 15 Gallon, 2.5 Gallon, Quart (32oz), 8oz, 4oz and 2oz sizes

Due to isopropyl alcohol content, cannot be shipped via UPS/USPS (slightly flammable). Available for regional delivery or in-store pickup options.

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