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KALIX RAW Yucca WS (All Sizes)

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Brand: KALIX

KALIX (aka RAW) Yucca is a highly concentrated, soluble yucca powder. Use KALIX Yucca as an amazing, low-cost wetting agent (surfactant) in foliar sprays and nutrient solutions. When added to foliar sprays (foliar feeding or pest control) it spreads and more evenly covers the plant. When used in soil, yucca helps water penetrate deeper and more evenly into the root zone, eliminating dry pockets and aiding in nutrient absorption and uptake. The water spreading capability of KALIX Yucca also makes it great for flushing excess salts from the root zone. KALIX Yucca is suitable for use in conjunction with all nutrient and feeding programs.

RAW is the same company (NPK Industries), for the 2oz and 8oz branded products. KALIX will appear as the brand on the 10lb and 25lb sizes.

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