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Lost Coast Plant Therapy (all sizes)

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Lost Coast Plant Therapy is botanically-derived from real peppermint plants, citric acid from real oranges, real soybean oil plus isopropyl alcohol. The oils coat and suffocate bad sucking bugs, and the alcohol rapidly evaporates which desiccates and kills bugs and their eggs too. Yet LCPT is gentle on your plants and packed with secondary metabolites, alkaloids, enzymes, amino acids and more which absorb into the plant tissues and nourish it, even inducing toxicity to fungal cells in aflatoxin, fumonisin, Aspergillus and Fusarium. Compared to synthetic pesticides, botanical pesticides break down rapidly and pose no toxicity threat to humans, pets, fish and other wildlife.

The label recommends 1oz/Gal mix rate which makes this an economical pest management tool. Always shake well before using, hence the 2.5 gallon largest size (you can order two 2.5G's per box). PRO TIP: for added insecticidal killing power, add an equal amount of 99.99% ISO to your mix (1 oz of each per gallon).

Available 2.5 Gallon, 1 Gallon, 32oz, 12oz and 9oz sizes.

Due to isopropyl alcohol content, cannot be shipped via UPS/USPS (slightly flammable). Available for regional delivery or in-store pickup options.

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