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Here are some of our thoughts around current specials, new products, and more:

It's October and outdoor gardens are finishing up while indoor gardeners are getting setup for another start. For our outdoor gardeners, check out our Fall Harvest Sale going on this month! Trimming shears, trim bins, drying racks, Ball Jars, vacuum sealers, boveda / integra humidity packs, bubble magic extraction bags, and more on sale. We have dozens of products to choose from, stop by if you need some expert advise here.

We're also in full gear on the Centurion Pro Trim Machine. If you might be interested to rent or buy one, call or stop by to make a reservation. It's getting great reviews and sure cuts down processing time.

Beneficial Predatory Nematode test on lawn

On the indoor gardening side, we still maintain the best prices on lamp bulbs, grow light fixtures, digital ballasts, grow tents, HVAC and environmental controllers. Whether you're a hobbyist or large scale commercial grow operation we are happy to provide best-in-class products and expert support. Take a look at our Package Deals page for more information and stop by if you need something more custom. 

Beneficial Predatory Nematode test on lawn

Come see us.  Our specials are IN-STORE only (and while supplies last). We enjoy seeing our customers and exchanging ideas and stories. Or you can just come in and buy things and not say anything, we respect that too. You just found an Easter egg! Mention this and receive a free 2-gallon fabric pot with your $25+ purchase next time you're in the store. Thanks for reading.


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