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NoFly 2 lb

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Blacksmith Bioscience NoFly is our #1 selling myco-insecticide. Strain 9901 of isaria fumosoerosea has been uniquely cultured in this highly effective insecticide. Absolutely devastating when applied as a root drench to extirpate fungus gnats and those nasty root aphids. It is increasingly popular as a foliar pesticide where it can kills bhang aphids, broad / russet / spider mites, thrips, whiteflies, mealy bugs and other terrestrial insects. This product mixes well with water, does not require refrigeration (keep out of temp extremes), requires minimal PPE, is OMRI Organic, and is fun to use. Send us your pictures of dead and dying bugs, bwahaha.

This is a 2 lb pouch.

To order 8oz size, or other compliant pesticide products, call or email us.

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